Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Writhe for Me

Cathy woke to find the bed empty. She could still smell his scent on the covers and the indentation in the pillow was there, but his side of the bed was cold and empty. Sometime in the last few hours he had slipped out and left without waking her.  She was disappointed that he had gone but couldn’t be angry, not after what they’d spent most of last night doing.

As she stretched under the covers her hand strayed unconsciously to the pillow and in the depression left by his head she found a folded piece of paper. Her eyes were still glued shut with sleep but she wanted to know what the paper was there for. Teasing the curtain open a crack allowed enough light in to read by without being too painful and she waited till her eyes were open and focussing properly in the gloom before examining the sheet. Written on a single sheet of A4 were a few simple lines of neat handwriting.

I’ve booked a table for tonight. We’re going out for a meal but I’m taking you shopping first. Be ready for me at 1. I’ve left you a present by the kettle, wear it today.

A present? What on earth could that be? Cathy’s interest was piqued now and she had to find out what it was. Throwing off the covers she grabbed a simple towelling robe and threw it on before heading downstairs to the kitchen. Sitting beside the kettle was a large box the size of her toaster that was topped with a silk bow. Lifting the lid she squealed with delight. Inside was a complete set of black lacy underwear that was so fine and transparent it had to be expensive. He’d bought a bra, knickers, suspender belt and stockings. Nestled in the corner was another smaller box.

“Jewellery too?” She thought

Picking it up she was surprised by the weight, it was far too heavy to be earrings. She opened the lid and found a pair of large golden balls joined together by a cord. The balls were just over an inch in diameter and she could feel a weight moving around inside them as she picked them up.  There was another small note inside this box.


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Sunday, 24 February 2013

A walk on the wild side

The centre of town was disturbingly empty as I walked through. Normally, the hustle and bustle of people going about their normal lives made it a trial to walk through the streets but today it was as if everyone had stayed home. Maybe it was the sunshine but more likely it was the football match playing out on TVs around the country. For some reason it had captured the hearts and minds of people who rarely watched it. Whatever the reason, I was relishing the quiet streets.
I was on my way back from an interview so I was dressed in my best suit and feeling good. The next few hours were all mine - I had nothing to do, nowhere specific to be and, best of all, no pressing crowds. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I paused to look at it. My mood lifted even further as I read the message. By a stroke of pure luck, my occasional lover was sitting in a coffee shop two streets away with nothing to do. With a broad grin on my face I paced towards the coffee shop, she’d never seen me in a suit and didn’t know I was here. I couldn’t wait to see her face when I walked in.
A few minutes later I pushed open the glass door and walked up to the desk to order myself a large, strong black coffee (my poison of choice). I looked around surreptitiously, trying to see if she was still here and if she’d seen me. Sure enough, there she was by the window, gazing out at the world crawling by and oblivious to my presence. She was wearing a small white summer dress that was nearly transparent in the sunlight. Her hair was iridescent and she looked truly gorgeous. My coffee arrived and I picked it up and walked casually over to her table.

This Story Now forms part of a Published collection available on Amazon. To Continue reading you'll need to buy a copy of "A Taste of Erotica".

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Valentine Present for Three

My heart was racing as I neared the hotel. It was Valentine’s Day and we were meeting for a very special reason. I was nervous, I’d never done anything like this before and still wasn’t really sure exactly how it was going to work. I was meeting my lover, always a cause for celebration and even the thought of her guaranteed to arouse me without fail. Today though we were being joined by another. We had been talking about trying a threesome for some time but hadn’t been able to agree on whether the third person should be a man or a woman. I, naturally enough, wanted another woman to join us (I had a sumptuous red head in mind) but my lover wanted another man. In the end we’d reached a compromise - We would try it her way first and then my way. She had found another man with disturbing ease. The ground rules had been established and agreed by all parties and a date had been set - today…

I checked into the hotel and went upstairs to the room. I didn’t have to wait long. There was a knock at the door and my heart skipped a beat as it started to thump in my chest sending adrenaline coursing through my veins. I opened the door and there she stood, My sexy lover Ella. Beside her stood a man I’d heard of but never met. I showed them in, kissing her with a long lingering kiss and shaking his hand awkwardly. Ella introduced us both (his name was Bill) and wasted no time in untying the belt around her waist. Her wraparound dress fell open and she shrugged out of it, allowing it to fall at her feet. Dressed only in a bra I grasped her to me, planting a firm kiss on her lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth as I reached around her and popped the clasp on her bra releasing her full breasts. Her nipples were already flushed deep pink and firm against my chest. Using her hand she pushed me back and winked 

“You have to share today lover”.

She moved to the bed and sat on it, leaning back against the headboard, knees raised. She dropped her hand to her pussy and started to stroke herself slowly.

“I want you both to strip for me” she purred, cheeks flushing already.

We moved in unison, both moving to the foot of the bed where we stripped eagerly for her. Both of us were fully roused, our cocks standing proudly in front of us as we moved, one either side of the bed, towards her. As we approached her gaze shifted from one to the other, a huge grin fixed on her face.
I reached her first and my hand slid easily along her thigh and pressed against the entrance of her sodden pussy. Extending a finger I slid it across the entrance before plunging it in. She was so damp there was little resistance and after a few thrusts I added a second finger for good measure. Bill Had gone for the kiss. He grasped her left breast as they kissed, massaging it and pinching her nipple. Not to be outdone I bent and took her firm nipple in my mouth, sucking it hard and using my tongue to toy with it, my fingers still probing deep within her. 

Ella let us continue like this for a while, relishing the sensations of two different men pleasuring her, a first wave of pre-orgasm rippled through her and we paused momentarily. One of the aims of today (apart from as many orgasms and as much pleasure as we could deliver to Ella) was to capture a series of pictures for her. She’d been very specific about the images she wanted. Now was the time to capture the first one. 
She moved beside the window and dropped to her knees, looking expectantly up at us. We walked towards her and stood side by side in front of her. She grasped our cocks with her hands and looked up at us, a huge smile lighting her pretty face. I started taking pictures looking down at her but she was oblivious, loving the feel of a hard cock in each of her palms. She started stroking us, slowly, relishing the feeling and enjoying the soft gasps that we both let out. Leaning her head towards my groin she ran her tongue along the length of my shaft and teased the tip of my aching cock. She was so good at this and I loved to let her practice anytime we could. Moving slowly, teasing each of us as much as she dared, she divided her attention between us. Her mouth alternating between our cocks, her hands stroking wherever her mouth wasn’t. 

I could feel myself nearing climax and I could tell from Bill’s breathing that he wasn’t far away either. Ella clearly knew precisely what she was doing and was bringing us both along at a similar pace. She took my cock deep into her mouth and pressed her tongue against the shaft as she sucked. Her other hand quickened it’s pace on Bill’s cock. He drew in a deep breath as he reached the inevitable point of climax and she slipped a hand under my balls to encourage me to the same. Bill’s cock spasmed in her hand and he sprayed hot thick cum all over her neck and left boob. I came seconds later, my cock twitching in her mouth as I sprayed cum onto her eager tongue. She swallowed it whole and waited to lick the final drops from the tip of my waning erection.

She wiped the sticky mass of Bill’s cum from her neck and chest and we lay back on the bed, all smiling like kids. We lay there, chatting and cuddling. Bill and I stroking and caressing a side each of Ella. Her nipples were solid and still responsive, flushed a lovely dark shade of purple. 

Before long we were perking up and our cocks were returning to full arousal - it was impossible to be with her and not have this reaction. Now it was time for the other item on Ella's wish list, both of us in her simultaneously and we were only too happy to oblige.

Since I’d already had the intense pleasure of filling her mouth with cum I wanted to use her dripping but wonderfully tight pussy first. She knew this and backed toward me on her knees. Her beautiful arse was pointing straight at me, a gorgeous sight at any time. Grabbing her hips I pulled her towards me, my cock passing under her and sliding across and just through the thick lips of her pussy. Twice I slid across it, my shaft pressing against her clit, before finally sliding into her. I began thrusting, shallow at first then deeper and faster. 

Ella meanwhile had encouraged Bill to kneel before her and had taken his cock into her mouth. He was receiving the same amazing treatment that I had received before. 

She bucked against me, grinding her arse hard into my groin and taking my cock as deep as she could. She tensed the walls of her vagina hard and it was as though she had another hand inside her grasping me firmly. The sensation was exquisite and I was soon overcome and came again, firing a salvo of cum into her. She felt my cock spasming inside her and the cum slamming hard against her insides and slowed her pace. 

I withdrew and she wasted no time in turning round and thrusting her arse at Bill who hadn’t cum yet. He slid his fingers into her dripping pussy and pressed the tip of his cock against her arse. They rocked a few times, gradually increasing the pressure on her anus and then he pushed and slid into her with practised ease. Her eyes opened wide in surprise but the look was soon replaced by pleasure. I lay beside her and we kissed. I massaged her breasts and teased her nipples mercilessly while kissing her and Bill pounded her arse with his cock. I reached down, careful to avoid Bill’s bouncing balls and pressed my hand against her pussy. Pushing two fingers into her and massaging her clit with my palm as Bill thrust. It didn’t take long for Ella to cum with a massive shuddering orgasm that left her breathless and incapable of speech or movement. Bill came simultaneously, her orgasm clenching every muscle in her body and clasping his cock so hard that it triggered his climax.

I have no idea how long we lay there, a tangled heap of sweaty flesh with huge grins plastered across our faces.

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Wicked Wednesday

Friday, 15 February 2013

Hotel Rendezvous

She knelt at my feet, naked and gorgeous. Her face wore a huge smile as she looked up at me expectantly. I was wearing a towelling robe and a smile, and the robe wasn't staying on for long. We'd met just hours before on the platform at Kings Cross and the time since then had passed in a whirlwind of transport, kissing and chat. My cheeks were aching from smiling so much but nothing could wipe the grin from my face, at least not for the next few hours.

She was gorgeous and possessed the perfect mix of curves that took my breath away every time I saw her. Earlier, when we'd arrived at the hotel we'd spent a breathless half hour ripping each other’s clothes off, kissing each other from head to toe and enjoying fast frenzied lovemaking that had left us breathless, spent and basking in post orgasmic bliss. Then we'd showered together, a long hot drenching, holding each other as the hot water washed away our sweat and the traces of our exuberance. Our hands had explored each other exhaustively, touching and tracing the muscles and curves of one another.

This time we were going to take our time. She'd been quite insistent that she wanted to examine my cock closely and I wasn't about to refuse her. Her face looked up into mine and our eyes locked. Tugging at the belt around me I let it fall loose, the robe fell open and I shrugged it off of my shoulders letting it fall in a crumpled heap around my feet. I stood naked before her, my arousal at the sight of her was evident as my cock stood to attention before her eyes. Her face turned down from mine and stared straight in front. The tip of my swollen member was inches from her face and her hungry eyes absorbed every detail.  When she’d finished staring she placed her hands on my thighs and lent forward, kissing the tip gently, her touch soft and tender. She proceeded to work her way from tip to balls and back again before extending her glistening tongue and repeating the process leaving a cool trail of sensation that set my nerves alight with pleasure and expectation. She paused, looking up at me to check I was watching then opened her mouth and slowly enclosed the swollen tip before moving forward, easing my length entirely inside her. I felt her tongue caress my shaft as she rocked back and forth, fucking me with her mouth as I tried to stand still and not thrust into her. The sensations were exquisite. My groin screamed with delight, pleasure coursing through my body as she devoured me.

I dimly felt a hand leave my thigh but had my brain had long since ceased thinking and I was in no state to wonder where it was going. I soon felt it again as she cupped my balls and squeezed them, a finger extended and stroked the smooth skin behind them. The combined efforts were more than I could stand and I felt the skin of my scrotum tighten and my cock swell to a seemingly impossible degree. My breath caught as I felt the unmistakeable swell of an orgasm preparing to pulse through me. Time paused briefly before my balls exploded in pleasure, spewing their thick white load into her hungry mouth. My cock pulsed repeatedly but her lips stayed firm around my shaft as her mouth filled. The spasms subsided and she released my softening member from her lips. Pulling her head back away from me she tilted her head up and looked me in the eye, her mouth open, displaying the evidence my pleasure on her tongue before swallowing it.

She stood and stepped into my arms, her hard nipples pressing firmly into my chest and kissed me on the lips. Her tongue was salty with the taste of my pleasure.

We stood for a while, embracing each other and kissing while my heart returned to a more sedate pace, or at least as relaxed as it was going to get in her presence. She felt amazing in my arms, her nipples were swollen and hard and I could feel them against the hair of my chest whenever she moved. My hands stroked her back idly, tracing the line of her spine from neck to beautifully rounded buttocks.

Having recovered sufficiently I turned her in my arms and coaxed her backwards, towards the bed until her legs pressed against it and she sat on the edge.

“Lie down. It’s your turn now”

She lay back and I knelt between her legs. I began by kissing her knees then slowly working my way up her right leg until I was kissing the soft flesh of her inner thigh, inches from her clearly aroused pussy. Her scent filled my senses and I felt a stirring between my legs once more. Shifting to her left leg I repeated the process, kissing and nipping my way along her inner thigh until I reached the smooth crease of skin at the top of her thigh.

My mouth hovered above her for a few moments, my breath hot against her. She moaned softly in anticipation of my movement and I leant forward to kiss her. I felt the muscles of her thighs clench slightly as my lips made contact with her pussy. She tasted divine and I used my tongue to part her lips slightly and begin to play. Her pussy was artfully trimmed with super smooth flesh exposed all around the entrance that I was feasting on but enough left to tickle the tip of my nose as I lapped at her. I brought my hands up and used my thumbs to hold her lips open slightly. I knew she’d feel my breath inside her this way and I was rewarded with a stifled sigh. I kissed her again, my tongue probed deeper inside her then began to work in earnest. I used my lips, tongue and teeth in alternating motions, teasing her, probing licking and kissing. I experimented with different motions and concentrated on different areas of her delicious pussy, learning from her reactions which actions worked best for her. Her breathing took on a laboured note and her moans were less suppressed as she lost her inhibitions and became more and more aroused as I slowly devoured her.

I felt her legs tense around my head and her muscles twitch against my hands. My tongue concentrated on her clit now.  I began to tease and flick it gently, each touch triggering an intake of breath and a twitch of thigh. Easing forward I pressed my lips around her and sucked her swollen clit, pressing my teeth and tongue against the sensitive flesh just hard enough to make her breathing hitch momentarily then resume harder and faster as I played with her. I upped the cadence of  my motions a notch, concentrating on her lips then her clit, licking, kissing, probing each motion in turn bringing her closer to climax. Finally she reached the tipping point and I mercilessly attacked her clit with my tongue until her orgasm hit, a shuddering cry emanating from her lips that matched the muscular spasms in her thigh as a wave of pleasure engulfed her. I slowed my actions and instead savoured the subtle shift in flavour as she came on my tongue.

I stood and gazed down at her, soaking in the sight of her. A beatific grin covered her face, eyes closed. Her neck and chest were flushed pink all the way down to her cleavage. Leaning over I kissed her on the lips then lay beside her, my arm across her stomach as I waited for her to drift back to consciousness.

This trip was turning out to have been an excellent idea.

Thursday, 14 February 2013


We sat in the back of the car, the windows were already misted and hid the dark, empty car park outside. We were parked in a quite gravel car park in the middle of the forest. I’d been here before but only ever in the warm daylight of summer, never on a dark autumn night, and never before with the beautiful woman beside me. There were no lights in view and ours had been extinguished a while ago. Sitting in the dark, we had only the dim moonlight to see by. It didn’t matter, our hands needed no light to explore each other.
As we kissed, our hands touched and caressed each other. My hands started on her shoulders and slid slowly down her arms before holding her waist. One delved down, stroking her thigh while the other teased up the side of her torso and round her back. Our mouths opened and our tongues met as my hand eased it’s way along the line of her bra strap. My fingers found the familiar telltale bulge of the clasp and without thinking they pinched it with practiced ease and the clasp popped open. Her breath caught momentarily but she did nothing to stop me. Instead her hands started to undo the buttons of my shirt, starting at the top and releasing them one by one, our lips didn’t break contact until the last button let go and she pushed the shirt from my shoulders. I shrugged my arms out of the material and let it fall to the seat behind me before leaning forward and working on her blouse. I moved slowly and long minutes passed before her blouse was lying beside her and the loose bra sliding down her arms. Her breasts were perfect. By no means large they were pert and beautifully rounded, her swollen nipples felt like bullets against my palms and she shuddered as I stroked them.
Pushing me backwards so that my head pressed against the door glass she started to kiss her way down my neck and chest and across my stomach. Her hands worked on my belt and the buttons of my fly as she kissed. She timed it perfectly so that as her mouth reached my belly button my jeans parted and my cock sprang towards her hungry lips. Her talented tongue went to work and I watched, transfixed, as she lapped at the tip of my engorged cock. It teased the tip before traversing the exposed length of the shaft until finally, her mouth engulfed me. I pressed my head back against the cold glass as she toyed with me, bringing me close to climax before stopping and lapping at the pre-cum seeping from me. Twice she repeated the process, each time the process was shorter and the sensations more intense. Before she could do it yet again I seized her shoulders and pushed her backwards - it was my turn to play now.
Starting at her lips I began to explore her with my mouth. Slowly I moved from her lips to her neck, shoulders and down the centre of her chest until I was kissing her cleavage. Circling my way around one breast I eased towards her nipple, flicking it with my tongue before sucking the engorged bud into my mouth. As my hands eased the hem of her skirt up her legs my mouth toyed with her. My tongue licked and flicked and my teeth grazed her swollen nipple. Switching to her other breast I reprised my technique while my hands stroked her legs, sliding up her inner thigh and slowly, gently across her silky underwear. I relished the sound of her sharp intake of breath as my fingers teased the silky material aside and grazed the entrance to her pussy. The smooth damp flesh beneath my fingers felt even better than the silk I’d just been touching. Applying a little pressure her lips parted and my finger eased inside her slick flesh. I moved my hand back and forth, sliding my index finger minutely deeper inside her with each stroke. Shifting position I returned my face to hers and kissed her lips. Her tongue met mine and they danced around each other as my finger slipped inside her tight wet pussy.
Just then a bright beam of light speared the gloom behind us. A car was bouncing down the rutted gravel path to the car park. Scrabbling for our clothes we tried desperately to appear dressed and innocent before the light from the other car found us. As the harsh white light found the rear of our car we ducked from view like guilty schoolkids and started to giggle as the sky lit up blue. The new arrival was a police car! We finished dressing in record time, the final buttons falling into place as the other car drew level. It stopped beside us and we looked at each other in alarm.
As if by sheer force of will, the blue lights were extinguished and the car drove slowly away and back up the rutted gravel. We looked at each other and collapsed in hysterical relief, the moment irrevocably destroyed. The police officers had clearly been playing with us, this time…

Morning Shower

I woke to the sound of my alarm shrieking at me. It’s strident tone tore me from a deep sleep but was soon silenced by a slap of my hand. Throwing the duvet aside I swung my feet from the warm comfort of the bed and hauled myself to a sitting position. Barely conscious, I stood and swayed precariously, still under the spell of sleep. My body went into autopilot and I stumbled towards the bathroom, a triumph of behaviour over consciousness.

Turning on the light as I entered the bathroom I flinched and closed my eyes tightly against the sudden glare. Sliding the shower door open I turned on the water and slid the door closed. Moving to the toilet I attended to the needs of a full bladder while the water slowly warmed against the inside of the shower screen. As I flushed and turned to the shower, steam was rising behind the glass. Still barely conscious I worked the door and stumbled into the cubicle closing the door behind me.

Hot water cascaded over me causing goosebumps to race across my flesh as my body slowly woke in response to the waves of warm water flowing over me. Slowly my mind woke, my dreams fading as the here and now took their place.

I closed my eyes, reveling in the sensations of the moment. The shower door slid open and she stepped in beside me closing the door behind her. I turned and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her warm dry flesh against my wet chest. Her face turned up to mine and we kissed, eyes closed as hot water cascaded over us. As my hands caressed her back and beautifully rounded buttocks I felt her nipples growing firmer as they pressed against me. The swelling between my legs was impossible to hide as my cock grew firm and pressed against her. She looked up into my eyes, water flooding her face, and wrapped a hand firmly around my cock. Slowly she stroked the shaft as it responded and it was soon fully engorged in her palm. I shifted slightly and the pool of water that had collected between our chests fell to the floor in a splash, lubricating her hand nicely in the process. My hands squeezed her breasts, nipples slotting neatly between two fingers and I pinched them, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from her. One hand moved from its perch on her chest and slid between her thighs. Her sparse, neatly trimmed pubic hair tickled my wrist as my finger probed inside her hot pussy, first one then two. She writhed and ground herself onto my fingers, encouraging me to probe deeper and harder.

She broke the kiss and nuzzled my neck, biting gently as my hand pleasured her. Her relentless hand, wanking my achingly hard cock was bringing me teetering to the abyss of pleasure. I tried to distract her and slow the inevitable explosion by concentrating on her clit with my thumb and palm, fingers spreading her hungry cunt open and pushing deeper and faster inside but to no avail. She looked me in the eyes and smiled a radiant smile. One hand stroked my cock and the other cupped my balls, squeezing them rhythmically. I gave up trying to distract her and leaned back against the wall, the tiles were cold against my skin but that only added another sensation. My breathing became shallower, pulse racing as her hands brought me closer and closer to climax. Eyes locked to each other she watched intently, smiling ever wider as my breath caught, my balls tightened impossibly in her grasp and my cock spasmed. A stream of thick white cum flew from my distended cock and stuck to her belly, covering her hands and thighs in the process.

“That was for the way you devoured me last night” She said. “I came so many times I thought you deserved a little thanks. Plus, I wanted to watch your face as you came”

I had no answer. I just kissed her upturned face and held her as the water fell over us, wiping our skin clean ready to start afresh.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Eating Out

The meal was superb. We’d decided to celebrate our anniversary by going to a favourite Italian restaurant. As usual, the main course was a delicious pasta dish dripping with creamy sauce and the most amazing flavours that, combined with the bottle of fruity white wine we had nearly finished, left us relaxed and very happy. For dessert we chose a sharing platter which consisted of a small sampler of each item on the menu. Since it was close to Valentines day the individual pots had been arranged in the shape of a heart. Ever the romantic, I had arranged for an additional item to be placed in the middle of the heart. 
As the platter was delivered to our table I spent some time admiring the gorgeous woman beside me. She was wearing a sheer black dress that clung to her curves in an almost obscene way, maybe that was why the waiters were being so attentive tonight. The dress plunged at the front revealing her modest cleavage to excellent effect. Split almost to the top of her thighs, the dress flashed her stunning legs as she walked but looked demure whenever she was still, a dazzling combination that caught and drew my eye every time she wore it. 
“What is that ?” She asked, pointing at the flat box in the centre of the platter.
“Why don’t you open it and see?”
She reached over and picked up the box. I watched her face intently as she opened the lid, hoping I’d chosen the right gift. I needn’t have worried. As she opened it and looked inside, her eyes lit up.
“You shouldn’t have!” She said
“You like it then? When I saw it, I knew I had to get it for you”
She lifted the delicate necklace from the box and held it in her hand. 
“It’s beautiful! Can you do the clasp for me? I want to wear it now”
She passed it to me and turned to face away, her hands moved her long hair clear of her neck so I could see to work the clasp. Taking the ends of the chain in my fingers I placed it around her and paused to kiss her neck and shoulders softly before closing the clasp. She let her hair fall back onto her shoulders. Leaning towards me she kissed me on the cheek then whispered in my ear.
“You know I’m not wearing anything under this dress, don’t you”
It was a statement rather than a question and I was fully aware of the fact. It was impossible not to know in that dress. Gazing into her eyes I pretended not to have noticed.
“Maybe I’d better check that for myself. Try one of the desserts, they’re delicious”
As she took one of the small dishes from the platter I placed a hand on her leg under the table. The material was smooth, cool and transparent to touch. I could feel her toned thigh through it as if I were touching skin. My hand inched up her leg as I watched her enjoying the food. Without giving any indication that she was aware of my actions, her leg moved almost imperceptibly and appeared as if by magic through the side split of the dress. I was aware that lifting my hand would allow the material to fall free and expose her entire leg. Not hesitating I did just that and her entire leg was now exposed. Cool material gave way to warm, smooth skin beneath my palm.
I eased my hand further up her leg, relishing the warm supple skin as much as the way her breathing and eyes betrayed her thoughts, both hinting at her increased arousal. I selected a small bowl of sorbet for myself and began to eat it while moving my hand further up her thigh. My fingers were now on her inner thigh, easing slowly towards the proof of her lack of underwear. Suddenly my fingers arrived at their destination. They encountered the soft curls of her pubic hair but I was aware of something else as well. She had clearly been trimming more than she normally would. The mound of hair was smaller than usual, cropped smoothly around the edges leaving enticingly smooth flesh around the entrance to her pussy. All thoughts of food were gone now. I leaned close to her ear and whispered
“I need to kiss those smooth bits, to devour you. Now.” 
My fingers pressed against the hot flesh between her thighs. The newly smooth skin felt incredible against my finger tips. She parted her legs slightly and my fingers felt the damp entrance to her pussy part slightly. I couldn’t resist an invitation like that. Looking her in the eyes my index finger eased just inside her. Her lips were slick with her own arousal and offered no resistance to my finger as it teased her slowly, passing up and down, just parting her damp labia and grazing her swelling clit. Neither of us was going to wait till we were home to satisfy the need that was growing inside us.
Our table in the restaurant was quiet but not nearly secluded enough. I cast my eyes around the familiar restaurant wondering how brazen we could be when I noticed a new sign hanging by the stairs. The restaurant had moved with the times and now had a baby change room, but there were no babies in the restaurant at the moment. 
“Do you see what I see?” I asked, my head tilting towards the sign.
She responded with a smile and pressed her hand onto my lap, feeling the swelling that was barely contained by my trousers. 
“Lets go. While you can still walk there” 
We stood and made for the stairs. I let her go first, taking the opportunity to marvel once more at her curves and the way the material clung so seductively to them as she climbed the stairs. I followed her up the steps, her hips swaying in front of my eyes the material showing the curves of her buttocks ripple with each step. Each step caused an increasing stiffening in my groin and I knew I was almost fully hard now.
At the top of the stairs the door in front of us had the familiar baby change logo on it. We stepped inside and I closed and locked the door behind us. The room was large enough for our purposes and had a good flat surface at waist height, perfectly positioned. 
We embraced and kissed as if we’d been apart for months. Our tongues touched and teased each other as we breathlessly rained hungry kisses on each other. My hands cupped her buttocks as hers undid the buttons on my shirt and she ran her fingers through the thick matt of soft hair on my chest. Turning slowly I manoeuvred her against the changing table then lifted her on to it. Her legs parted and wrapped around me, our lips still locked together. I dropped my hands to her legs and ran them from knee to thigh, pushing the material of her dress aside and baring her legs. 
Breaking the kiss I dropped to my knees and began to kiss the inside of one knee. She leant backwards, bracing her arms behind her and watched as I kissed my way along her inner thigh, easing towards her delicious pussy. Up close, her new trim was perfect. The neatly shaved mound tickled my nose as I kissed the super smooth skin at the crease of her thighs and all around the entrance of her damp pussy. Her scent was intoxicating as I kissed the damp flesh softly. Unable to delay any longer my tongue parted her pussy and tasted the sweet musky flavour I adore so much. I closed my eyes and let my tongue explore, savouring her flavour, my senses utterly immersed in her arousal as I teased and pleasured her. My tongue alternated between lapping at her juices and penetrating deep inside her. I flicked and toyed with her clit before enveloping it with my lips and sucking, loving the sharp intake of breath it provoked from her. I listened to her breathing increase it’s rate and felt the tremors in her leg muscles beside my head as I devoured her. It didn’t take long before I heard the muffled sounds of an impending climax and felt her thighs clasp tight around my head as I drove her closer to the edge. She was quiet but the telltale clench and relaxing of her thigh muscles, the little ripple of muscles beside my eyes and the exquisite shift in her flavour couldn’t be faked. I eased my actions, reverting to slow kisses instead, each of which was met by a another small sharp intake of breath from her. 
Standing up was tricky with the restriction caused by my trousers. This was swiftly rectified and they fell round my ankles allowing my cock the freedom to move. I was fully engorged and wasn’t going to set any records for duration. Leaning forward I pressed the tip of my swollen cock against her sodden pussy. She reached around me, grabbed my buttocks firmly and pulled me deep inside her. I needed no encouragement and began thrusting, slowly at first then rapidly. Her face turned to mine and we started kissing breathlessly as our hips ground together. Her grip on my arse tightened as I thrust. She knew I was close and clenched her impressively strong pelvic muscles around me at the same time as digging her nails into my buttocks. I grew impossibly hard inside her and my strokes faltered as my climax grew closer. My breath caught and my balls clenched tight as I came. My cock pulsed in her tight pussy and sprayed hot cum deep inside her. Her eyes widened as she felt my cock throbbing and convulsing and my cum slammed against the back of her pussy, pushing her to her second orgasm. 
Stifling any sound I stood still, my face buried in the crook of her neck as my balls emptied themselves inside her. My cock eventually finished pulsing and began to subside, becoming soft and comfortable once more. I withdrew myself slowly from her and steadied myself before raising and refastening my trousers. It was a few moments before her legs would support her again and we cuddled for a while before heading out of the room and back to our table.
As we descended the stairs we could see the remains of our dessert had been cleared and coffees left in their place. The waiter allowed us to enjoy the drinks in peace before returning with the bill and a knowing smile.


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